Averting a Grand Opening Disaster

The Fine Art of Hotel Project Planning

AUTHORS: Amanda Earnest and Andrew Lange

The people at Trivergix Group take pride in finding the best solution for any logistics problem. Recently, a Dallas hotel was nearing completion and was planning for the grand opening celebration. Mesa had been hired to manage the customized kitting of the 250 hotel room’s operating supplies and equipment (OS&E), then deliver them to each room for housekeeping to arrange accordingly. It’s one of the last things to do in the life cycle of a new hotel project.

After asking a Mesa project team member, I found out that a “hotel room kit” is basically a box of supplies for each room that includes a coffee pot, soaps, shampoos, linens, clock, pillows, trash cans, printed material, and other various items commonly found in a hotel room. What goes in a “kit” is usually described in detail at the project planning phase.

Last-Minute Kitting Chaos

Days away from the grand opening, hotel management reviewed the room kit content and found that the list of items had changed sometime during construction, but management was never notified. Since a seemingly simple error like this could jeopardize a smooth opening, chaos ensued. 250 pre-packaged OS&E boxed kits had to be broken down and reassembled in three days.

Mesa to The Rescue

A management team from Trivergix Group, determined to deliver project success, arrived on a Sunday and rolled up their sleeves. After three 15-hour days, all kits were rebuilt to the correct project requirements. Striving to meet the hotel’s deadline, with efficient and effective actions, the Mesa team personally delivered each kitted box to every hotel room.

Making of a Successful Project

Thanks to Trivergix Group project management, the hotel grand opening event went on as scheduled and was a huge success! During the course of any hotel project, the logistics management of OS&E or furniture fixtures can be an afterthought. Let Mesa help with the fulfilling details at the planning stage through to project delivery. Contact us today for guaranteed project success.