Factors to Consider When Choosing a Logistics Company

Logistics companies can significantly impact the quality of how a project is managed. They also play a huge role in transporting goods from fulfillment centers to their final destinations in a timely and efficient manner. When selecting a logistics company, what factors should you consider? Read below to learn more!

Your Needs

Think about what’s currently working for your business, what isn’t, and what future plans and projects you have. What are your current delivery times, costs, storage capacities, and other issues or improvements you want to make? What insights does your team have regarding the improvements that can be made with day-to-day activities? Do you have a project coming up that has many moving parts and want to tackle it seamlessly?

Utilize these insights to identify where there are gaps and how an FF&E logistics company like Trivergix can help fulfill these areas. This can concern final mile deliveryproject management, or FF&E installations. Identifying your needs is the first step in finding a logistics company that is right for you.

Available Equipment

Depending on your project and transportation needs, it’s important to ensure you find a logistics company that offers the equipment you’ll need. Depending on your business, it might be important that they offer specific trailers (e.g. High Cube, Conestoga, climate/temperature control) or warehouses with necessary features (e.g. 24-hour onsite security, specialized handling equipment, after-hour access, a cage security area, climate/temperature control). If you’re transporting or storing niche products, it’s especially important to verify that the logistics company you’re working with has the capabilities and appropriate equipment to handle the job.

As a third-party logisitcs company, Mesa has a worldwide network of partners that can supply the necessary equipment and warehouses for just about any project.

Geographic Scope

Next, consider the geographic coverage of the company you are considering. Does the company specialize in regional or international logistics? This is especially important if your company has a broad customer base or plans to expand geographically. Mesa understands the unique experience needed when working on international projects, as we specialize in both international and domestic logistics. Choosing a company that is appropriate for your geographic requirements ensures they have the infrastructure and partnerships to meet your needs.

The Company Reputation & Reliability

Visit the website and social profiles of the companies to get a feel for the brand. How long has the company been in business? What do clients say about the brand? You can read testimonials and other reviews to get a feel for if they are a fit for you. What do other clients say about the firm’s order fulfillment, customer service, or timeliness? Most companies are more than willing to share past work and client references if requested, so don’t be afraid to ask! You can find Mesa on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can also go through our Case Studies or contact us for client references!

Technology And Data Security

Furthermore, you should consider the technological capabilities and cyber security protocols of the logistics companies you are considering. Find out if they offer any assistive technology that provides you with up-to-date information or improves the efficiency of your project. Combating cyber threats and providing a robust encryption methods is also becoming increasingly important in the growing digital world.

Customer Service

Good customer service should start when you’re a prospective customer and continue through being a client. The logistics company you choose should be available to effectively answer questions and resolve problems in a timely manner. At Trivergix, we take pride in our customer care and always look for ways to better our services and go the extra mile for our clients. By taking care of our employees first, making them feel valued and respected, we’re able to provide top-quality service to our customers. And unlike other companies that might tell clients, “Here’s what we do,” we approach projects with, “What do you need?”

Price & Quality

Lastly, the price and quality of the logistic company’s services should be considered! Remember that the highest price doesn’t always equal the best value and vice versa. Once you determine what services you need, decide on the price range you’re willing to pay for them. Finally, confirm additional fees, rates, and charges before committing to any new company.

Hiring a logistics company can take a lot of work off your plate and help streamline your efforts. Interested in hiring a logistics company? Get a Trivergix Quote Today!