Resolve Your Supply Chain Issue

These days, just about everybody has uttered the phrase “supply chain problems” because… well, there are so many frequent and widespread supply chain problems! Trivergix’s warehouse network offers a variety of solutions to prevent that phrase from ever passing your clients’ lips. For example, why rely on an unpredictable ecosystem when you can take control of inventory by preordering and storing goods you know you’ll need?

Leverage our Flexibility

Our extensive vendor network allows us to leverage our vendor relationships to accommodate all of your needs. Our expansive vendor base allows us to accommodate anything from a single pallet to 30,000 square feet and beyond. Our network of over 400 locations stretches from coast to coast, within a 50 mile radius of 90% of the U.S. population. This means nationwide we have your storage needs covered.

Make Informed Decisions

Trivergix’s proprietary inventory system offers visibility into specific product inventory status by attribute, helping you make sound decisions. That’s in addition to tracking and reporting, work order requests, and real-time management reports.

Warehousing Management Features

Merge in Transit, Consolidation or Aggregation

Trivergix collects multiple shipments from multiple origins and combines them into a single shipment. We pick up local multiple shipments and combine them into a full truckload to one or multiple destinations.

Storage, Inventory Control & Management

Until we receive your shipment instructions, we’ll hold your product as a general storage lot. Trivergix stores your assets and identifies them by part, model, or serial number.

Order Fulfillment

Our warehouse network affords a variety of order fulfillment options:
  • kitting and fulfillment
  • pick and packing services
  • distribution services
  • We pick and package products from on-hand inventory to fill an order and ship it.

Repackaging & Product Configuration

Trivergix repackages on-hand items per a specific bill of materials with its unique part, model, or serial number. Trivergix will create a new model or stocking number by mounting, interfacing, connecting, or installing several products together.

Warehousing Capabilities

Our affiliated warehouses are equipped and monitored with burglar, fire alarms, and sprinkler systems. Experienced warehouse management and staff will receive, inspect, inventory, and store product safely. For last-mile delivery, Trivergix’s dedicated crew will transport, deliver, assemble, set in place, and remove debris.

Warehousing Management Case Study

Warehousing for Nationwide Church


Warehousing for Nationwide Church


Contractual work for massive coast-to-coast distribution.


  • Managed warehouses, linehaul transportation, last mile transportation, and installation.
  • Spoke-hub network created to receive, store, re-distribute to local facilities.
  • Created custom integrated software to link client-warehouse inventory systems.
    • Now considered a standard requirement for Trivergix competitors servicing client.
  • Trivergix one of three preferred providers.
  • Standard and custom unique SKUs managed for site specific distribution.
  • Provided forecasting for just-in-time order fulfillment.
  • Managed and arranged local installers for sites, developed key processes to reduce installation time by 40%.