Healthcare Industry Logistics Solutions

In the healthcare industry, every second counts, and precision is paramount. At Trivergix Group, we understand the critical nature of managing furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) logistics for healthcare facilities. With over 35 years of industry expertise, we offer comprehensive solutions that ensure seamless transportation, warehousing, and installation of medical equipment and furnishings. Our logistics experts excel in handling sensitive and valuable healthcare assets with the utmost care, precision, and compliance, enabling healthcare providers to focus on delivering top-notch patient care.

Healthcare Services

Comprehensive Logistic Consulting

Our healthcare logistics specialists work closely with healthcare facilities to plan and implement customized logistic solutions. From program development to seamless execution, we ensure the entire supply chain is optimized for efficiency and accuracy.

Global Supply Chain Solutions:

For healthcare providers with international operations, we offer global supply chain solutions, connecting you to a network of dependable partners worldwide. Whether you’re sourcing medical equipment within the city, state or needing cross-border deliveries, we have you covered.

Technology-Supported Transparency:

With our in-house technology platforms, healthcare professionals can monitor the progress of their FF&E orders in real time. From warehousing through delivery, you can access centralized communication, images, and detailed reports, ensuring complete transparency.

Centralized Communication & Reporting:

Efficient communication is the cornerstone of successful healthcare logistics. We provide centralized communication channels to ensure seamless coordination between all stakeholders, streamlining the logistics process and reducing potential disruptions.

Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness:

We recognize that healthcare projects often have unique and changing requirements. Our flexible logistics approach allows us to tailor cost-effective solutions for each project, optimizing resources without compromising quality.

Healthcare Industry Solutions

Hospital Equipment Delivery

Medical Equipment Transportation:

Our transportation management services cover the safe and efficient delivery of sensitive medical equipment. Whether it's LTL/Truck Load, Ocean FCL/LCL, Air Freight, or Rail/Drayage, we ensure timely and secure transportation to healthcare facilities.
Secure Warehouse Management

Secure Warehouse Management:

With our global warehouse network, we offer proximity-focused locations to store and manage medical equipment and furnishings. Our inventory management system ensures that assets are readily available when needed.
Lab Assembly

Installation & Assembly Services:

Our skilled team of professionals specializes in white-glove delivery, inside placement, installation, and assembly services. From setting up patient rooms to installing specialized medical equipment, we manage every aspect of the process with precision.
Medical Equipment Inventory Management

Reverse Logistics & Asset Management:

Managing medical assets at the end of their lifecycle requires specialized expertise. Our reverse logistics services encompass asset removal, recycling, liquidation, or disposal, ensuring environmentally responsible practices and regulatory compliance.
Hospital Exterior

Facility Relocations & Closings:

During healthcare facility relocations or closures, we take care of the intricate logistics involved. Our team manages the entire process, from transportation and warehousing to final mile delivery and installation.


At Trivergix Group, we are dedicated to supporting the healthcare industry by delivering customized, end-to-end FF&E logistics solutions. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our advanced technology and extensive expertise, makes us the preferred logistics partner for healthcare facilities striving to provide the best patient care.