Food Service Industry Logistics Solutions

In the bustling and dynamic food service industry, efficient logistics is a ‘key ingredient’ for success. At Trivergix Group, we understand the unique demands and fast-paced nature of the food service sector. As a third-party logistics company specializing exclusively in furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E), we provide comprehensive logistics solutions that enable food service establishments to streamline their supply chain, manage time-sensitive deliveries, ensure the smooth operation of their kitchens, and handle facility relocations and closings. From delivering commercial kitchen equipment to transporting essential supplies, our expert team is dedicated to supporting the success of your food service endeavors.

Food Service Services

Customized Logistic Consulting:

Our logistics specialists collaborate closely with food service establishments to assess their specific needs and challenges. We design customized logistic programs to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall supply chain management for FF&E requirements.

Nationwide Distribution Network:

With our extensive nationwide distribution network, we provide reliable and timely transportation services to restaurants, cafés, and catering companies across the country. From commercial kitchen equipment to essential FF&E, we ensure your items arrive promptly and in excellent condition.

Advanced Technology Platform:

With our state-of-the-art technology platform, food service professionals gain real-time visibility into their supply chain for FF&E. From order placement to final delivery, our centralized communication and reporting system ensure transparent and efficient logistics management.

Project Management Excellence:

For restaurants undergoing renovations, catering companies planning large events, or cafés expanding their operations, our skilled project management team ensures seamless coordination, timely deliveries, efficient installations for FF&E, and even assists with facility relocations and closings.

Food Service Industry Solutions

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Delivery

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Delivery:

Our logistics expertise shines when delivering and installing commercial kitchen equipment. From ovens to refrigerators, we ensure your kitchen is well-equipped and ready to serve your culinary delights.
Asset Management, Disposal, Facility Relocations & Closings

FF&E Delivery for Restaurants, Cafés, and Catering:

Timely delivery of FF&E items is essential for food service establishments. We handle the transportation ensuring they arrive on schedule and in perfect condition.
Catering and Event Logistics for FF&E

Catering and Event Logistics for FF&E:

For catering companies, we specialize in providing logistic solutions for large events. Our team ensures timely deliveries, setup, and teardown of FF&E, allowing you to focus on impressing your clients with delectable cuisine.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management for FF&E:

We excel in managing FF&E inventories, ensuring that you maintain optimal stock levels for furniture, fixtures, and equipment to support your operations effectively.
Asset Management, Disposal, Facility Relocations & Closings

Asset Management, Disposal, Facility Relocations & Closings:

As food service establishments evolve, we offer asset management and disposal solutions for FF&E. Moreover, we can assist with facility relocations and closings, ensuring a seamless transition while managing the logistics of your furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

Food Service Case Study

Catalina Kitchen Logistics Case Study


Resort Restaurant in Los Angeles


Final Mile receiving, warehousing & phased installation of FF&E for resort restaurant in a Los Angeles’s premium resort property.


  • Received, inspected, stored & delivered out fixtures, furniture, lighting & décor.
  • Provided experienced supervision & expert installation services, including furniture assembly & placement of all interior & exterior (patio) furniture & décor items.
  • Coordinated with general contractor & resort operations to complete the installation with minimal inconvenience for guests & hotel operations.
  • Provided pick up, warehousing & delivery of overstock FF&E.


At Trivergix Group, we take pride in supporting the food service industry with specialized logistics solutions for furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Our commitment to excellence, advanced technology, and expertise in handling FF&E set us apart as the preferred logistics partner for the food service sector. When you choose us, you gain a reliable and agile team dedicated to the success of your food service endeavors.